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  • [Exclusive for EHSS] DUOSIDA Wall Box  installation project

[Exclusive for EHSS] DUOSIDA Wall Box installation project


**Please check with us before purchasing whether your housing estate is applicable to the EV-charging at Home Subsidy Scheme" ("EHSS")**

 Services and products include :

 -DUOSIDA Wall Box Electric Vehicle Charger Single Phase 32A 7kW with Wi-Fi RFID 5m Charging Gun

 -Waterproof isolation switch system

 -Wall Box installation

 - Free on-site inspection and installation advice

 Apply for an independent meter from the power company

 Fill out the WR1 form on your behalf to ensure that the electrical installation complies with the regulations and assumes relevant responsibilities

 DUOSIDA Wall Box Electric Vehicle Charging Device

 Product Features :

 Built-in WIFI allows you to use the APP to directly set and monitor the parameters of the Wall Box

 Comes with RFID and 3 RFID cards

 * Working current (6A-32A)

 * Timed charging

 * Plug and Play mode

 * LED brightness

 * IC card management ( tap the card to charge ) ( to prevent power theft )

 * Charging record

 * Firmware Update

 * Working environment parameters ( temperature , current , voltage , power , real-time power kwh, charging time , warning )

 *IP55 waterproof and dustproof, IEC61851-1 , EN61851-22 , TUV , CE safety certification, multiple protections ( lightning protection, grounding, overvoltage, undervoltage, overload, short circuit, leakage, surge, high temperature, low temperature ) , charging cable length 5 meters

 Additional options :

 ~ Metal charger waterproof box $1500

 ~ No additional hidden charges , clear prices

 * The entire installation and product comply with the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department's Technical Guidelines and Regulations for Electric Vehicle Charging Facilities

 * Electrical and Mechanical Services Department Registered Electrical Contractor Registered Electrician Installer

 * Hong Kong licensed products , two years of free door-to-door maintenance

 * This product has purchased HK$ 10 million of public liability insurance

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