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  • 「Northbound Travel for Hong Kong Vehicles Combo」

「Northbound Travel for Hong Kong Vehicles Combo」


The ""Northbound Travel for Hong Kong Vehicles"" includes:

 1. Three-phase GBT AC Type 2 Adapter

 Three-phase 22kw

 0.5M Cable

 Rated working voltage 380v

 Connector on vehicle side: Type 2

 Connector on infrasture side: GBT 

Only applicable to China AC EV charging system

Meet GB/T GB/T 20234-2015 regulations and requirement

 2. DC GB/T to CCS2 DC Adapter

1.TUV Lab Tested (with official report)

2.Nominal current: 250A,  Max current: 350A

3.Max power: 120kW

4.No extra cell required

5.With LED lamp indicating the charging status

6.Offer USB port (type C)for updating firmware

7.PNC supported

 Operating temperature -25°C to +45°C

 Weight: 1.2kg

 Certification standard: IEC61581-24-2014

 Product Information

  •  Compatible cars include

 Popular models Tesla (Model 3 / Model Y), BMW, Mercedes Benz, BYD, KIA, Hyundai, Volvo, Polestar, Maxus, Seres, etc. are all compatible with electric vehicles that use CCS2 DC connectors. Currently, the brands that have completed the test include: Tesla, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Kia, BYD, and other models will be tested in succession.

  •  Brand charging station test

 The product supports 99% of the national standard charging stations on the market. We have tested most brands of charging stations in Guangdong Province. As long as the charging station can be used for national standard electric vehicles, our adapter can support it. Other brands of charging stations will be tested in succession, and the manufacturer and dealers will continue to update. For more field test lists, please click here .

  •  One adapter binds 3 cars

 Starting from the software update released in November 2023, each adapter can be used with up to three vehicles. If the owner changes to another vehicle in the future, they can contact customer service for processing.

  •  Maintenance period

 The fragile parts of the product (i.e. the charging port at both ends of the GB/T and CCS2) include a one-year warranty, and the rest of the parts include a two-year warranty.

 *Shipping will be in the order of deposit transfer

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