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2024 Electric Vehicle Charging Station List

Hong Kong Electric Vehicle Charging Stations | Electric vehicles will become more and more popular in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Hong Kong Electric Vehicle Charging Stations | According to the Transport Department's website, as of the end of December 2023, the total number of electric vehicles in Hong Kong is 76,395, accounting for about 8.3% of the total number of vehicles. Currently, 278 electric vehicle models from 16 economies have been type-approved by the Transport Department, including 215 private cars/motorcycles. It can be seen that electric vehicles will become more and more popular in Hong Kong.

According to statistics from the Environmental Protection Department's website, as of the end of December 2023, there are 7,415 chargers available for public use in Hong Kong, including 4,225 medium-speed chargers and 1,151 fast chargers, distributed across 18 districts. Today, we will introduce different electric vehicle charging stations in 18 districts, so you don't have to worry about not being able to charge your car!


Here is a list of companies in Hong Kong that provide charger services:

They are available in all areas of Hong Kong, providing standard, medium and fast charging. They are basically charged by the hour, 30 minutes / 1 hour, and the price depends on the location.

Tesla (about 50)

There are express trains in all districts of Hong Kong, mainly in Chung Hwa Expressway, with different fares during peak and non-peak hours.

Like Tesla, there are Tongzhong fast charging stations in various districts across Hong Kong.

Autotoll VGo (about 16 pieces)

Mainly in the New Territories and Kowloon, medium-speed charging. You can download the "VGo" mobile app to see it.

The free charging service is mainly provided in Hong Kong Island, with standard, medium and fast charging.

Sime Darby Sime Darby SD charging (approximately 10 locations)

Medium and fast charging are available in all areas of Hong Kong.

Shell Recharge (approximately 15 locations)

Mainly in the New Territories and Kowloon. Shell charges different fees based on different charging speeds, and uses location time as the main charging mechanism. There is a maximum power supply limit for each service time.


Cornerstone technologies (approximately 150 locations)

There are charging stations in all districts of Hong Kong, and they mainly provide medium-speed charging, which is divided into free for the public and charged according to electricity consumption.


The Environmental Protection Department website has the locations of public electric vehicle chargers. There are different apps and websites on the market that allow people to check which charging stations are available nearby. There must be a charging station near you, don’t be surprised!

In addition to using electric vehicle charging stations of different brands to charge your car, you can also consider installing an electric vehicle charger Wallbox at home .

Electric vehicle charger wallbox is an electric vehicle charging device mounted on the wall. It usually includes a charging socket and a corresponding control panel, providing a convenient and efficient charging experience. The characteristics of this charging method include:

Easy installation: Wallbox is generally easy and quick to install and is suitable for a variety of materials, open or covered parking spaces, gardens, etc.

Fast charging: Wallboxes typically support higher-power charging, allowing electric vehicles to charge more quickly than a regular household socket.

User friendly: Equipped with a simple and easy-to-use interface, car owners can easily monitor the charging process and charging status.

Smart functions: Some high-end wallboxes also have smart functions, such as remote monitoring, timed charging, and charging by tapping a card.

Electric Vehicle Charger Installation - FAQ

  1. After receiving the customer's inquiry, the engineering staff will conduct an on-site inspection to assess whether the surrounding environment is suitable for installing electric vehicle charging facilities. After inspecting the environment on site, they will directly provide a quotation to the car owner according to the charger installation requirements list.

  2. Check the electricity demand of buildings/village houses. If necessary, arrange to apply for additional electricity supply from the power company for electric vehicle charging. We will also handle all relevant documents to make the entire charger installation process faster and smoother.

  3. Engineers certified by the EMSD carry out professional installation works, including laying electrical wiring, installing switches and related safety facilities.

  4. Install electric vehicle charger. If necessary, install anti-theft and waterproof boxes, etc.

  5. Complete the installation of the electric vehicle charger, conduct charging test and customer acceptance, and explain the use and maintenance of the electric vehicle charger.


All Duosida HONG KONG products have qualified product certifications and are registered electrical contractors and registered electricians under the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department. Duosida HONG KONG is a system supplier with professional installation specifications, providing customers with a one-stop charging service solution, from power layout, charger installation, on-site inspection and testing, charger maintenance and after-sales service.


As a consumer, you must carefully select efficient, reliable, safe and simple electric vehicle charging equipment. Duosida Hong Kong is the only agent of Duosida electric vehicle charging equipment in Hong Kong, and is committed to providing electric vehicle users with a complete electric vehicle charging solution. With many years of rich experience in the electric vehicle field, we continue to innovate and optimize our products to provide users with a professional and efficient electric vehicle charging experience.


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